Warranty and guarantee

Fitness store Online is a business that stands behind its products and guarantee that all items will be free of manufacturing defects. We ensure our clients that our products are free of defects that may reduce their life or quality. We provide a warranty, where if you believe that you have bought an item from us with some defects, you are allowed to return it to us for inspection. If the commodity is found to be faulty, we will replace the product with a similar one, if the damage originated from our manufacturing process. In case the item is no longer in our shop, we will give you a refund equivalent to the selling price of the original commodity that we had sold you. In such a case where the damage of the product has been because of other factors rather than the manufacturing process, we will notify you. It is important to note that slight variations in the craftsmanship are designed to be unique to every individual item. Thus, the differences found in products should not be treated as defects. Any other implied warranties according to American law are also accepted in our store. We have all the intentions to leave each customer satisfied with our products.

We are very careful in observing the rights of our customers and clients when they buy products from our shop. Such include the E-commerce Regulations, the Distance Selling Regulations, and the Electronic Signatures Regulations. We do this to ensure all of our clients are fully satisfied with what we offer them. We also follow the offer and acceptance procedure online according to business law requirements. The customer makes an offer on the site, and the contract is formed only after the order is accepted, where payment arrangements can be made.